Our company

  • The Cooperative was established in 1965. We started with sewing of kitchen caps and gloves and manufacturing of coils (inductors)  and electrical ballasts. We took on the ELREMET name in 1974 by reference to our manufacturing profile during that time (EL as in “ELektryczne” <Electric>, RE as in “REkawice” <Gloves>, MET as in “METal”).
  • Nowadays we are one of country’s leading manufacturers of specialist, new generation clothing for uniformed services, in particular for the Polish Army, the Navy, the Border Guard, Police, Country Security Service, special forces and overseas military missions.
  • Processing of plastics is the second area of our activity. We manufacture tubes for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Our tubes are used by renowned, Polish cosmetics companies.
  • We currently employ nearly 400 people, including more than 220 with disabilities, 80 of whom have a significant or moderate degree of disability.
  • We also operate a company Clinic – our Physical Therapy Department has signed an agreement with the National Health Fund and has been providing medical services to the residents of Biała Podlaska and surrounding areas.
  • Since 1994 we have run an Occupational Therapy Workshop for 37 people with significant and moderate degrees of disability.
  • ELREMET has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions over the 55 years of its activity, from historical 2nd Class Order of the Banner of Work or the title of the Best and Most Aesthetic Disabled Workers’ Cooperative in the country, through multiple Fair Play Awards, Laurels of Podlasie in the category of Enterprise of the Year and Product of the Year, to the Business Gazelle award or Business Credibility Certificate, and others.
  • In 2020 the Cooperative was awarded a prestigious “Icebreaker” title in the category of supported employment in the southeastern macro-region.
  • For many years we have been certified under ISO and AQAP for quality management, and by realizing our Quality Policy we put into practice our motto: